Elemit Yoga is rated Top 3 in Bishan

This came as a pleasant surprise to us! We always thought we had to approach review companies in order to appear on review websites but here we are: https://threebestrated.sg/yoga-studios-in-bishan Of course, we could not have done it without the support of all our Elemit fans! Shout out to our pioneer students who have supported usContinue reading “Elemit Yoga is rated Top 3 in Bishan”

Why we don’t offer unlimited classes

We all love low prices, and we think the more classes we take, the faster we will improve. But is that always true? At Elemit Yoga, we believe in giving our 200% in every class, instead of 20% in 10 classes. We believe in maximizing your efforts. Some of our students tell us they haveContinue reading “Why we don’t offer unlimited classes”