What is Shoulder Impingement?

Feel pain in your shoulder especially during downward dog, wheel or king pigeon? You might have shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement is when you lift your arms, bones in your shoulder rub against soft tissue such as ligaments repeatedly, resulting in inflammation and hence pain. Where is the pain?When people say they have painful shoulders, theyContinue reading “What is Shoulder Impingement?”

Why can’t I hug my knees to my chest?

Find that you can’t do this? Let’s explore the possible reasons! Apanasana (also known as wind-relieving pose or knees-to-chest pose) is a passive pose that is usually done at the end of a yoga sequence to help release tension in the body. However for some of us we notice that our knees can’t touch ourContinue reading “Why can’t I hug my knees to my chest?”

Healthier treats: The Clean Addicts Dark Chocolate Mochi Muffins

Even though we are a yoga studio, we also strive to help our students lead healthier lifestyles. Many people equate health to boring and difficult diets and strict exercise regimes. What if I told you that is not always the case? For us, we believe that health can be achieved easily and deliciously. You justContinue reading “Healthier treats: The Clean Addicts Dark Chocolate Mochi Muffins”