Choosing a Yoga Mat

Traditionally, Indian yogis would practice on bare earth or cotton rugs. Yoga mats are actually a recent invention with yoga studios providing mats to cushion and protect your joints. They also offer some friction to prevent slipping, making your practice more comfortable. With the threat of Covid-19, most studios now recommend that members bring theirContinue reading “Choosing a Yoga Mat”

History of Yoga

For serious practitioners and super enthusiasts In yogic culture, Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity is considered to be the Adi Yogi meaning the first yogi. He is also called Yosheshwara, Lord of Yoga, being the first yoga teacher and guru. Shiva created the science of yoga and taught it to his wife Parvati and laterContinue reading “History of Yoga”

Why do Yoga?

I can dance, play sports, lift weights, do martial arts and gymnastics, so why should I do Yoga? It’s great if you do all of the above, and you can definitely add yoga to your lifestyle. What’s different about yoga is that it not only builds strength and flexibility over time, but also improves internalContinue reading “Why do Yoga?”