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Scheduling Your Health

I’ve got no time to do class. I’ve got no time to do things I like. I’ve got no time for leisure!! I don’t even have time to eat! Does this sound like you? Don’t feel guilty, a lot of us are like that. But what if having no time to exercise means compromising our…

Benefits of Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Name:Dhanu = BowAsana = pose Effects: Brings back elasticity to the spine.Tones the abdominal organs.Regular practice relieves symptoms due to slipped discs. *This pose requires guidance from an instructor to ensure proper technique, especially if one does not possess sufficient flexibility and/or strength.

Benefits of Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Name: Utkata = Powerful, fierce, unevenAsana = Pose Effects: Removes stiffness in the shouldersCorrects minor deformities in the legsStrengthens the ankles and leg muscles evenlyMassages the heart (as the diaphragm is lifted up)Tones the abdominal organs and back musclesExpands and develops the chest


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