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Namaste! Elemit Yoga is always giving our best to share knowledge and expertise about yoga and healthy living to our students during classes to fulfill their needs and expectations from yoga. Our logo is both the image of Om and Lord Ganesh, symbolizing connection with the Universe and wisdom within our practice. Notice the appearance of both Sun and Moon at the top of the Om symbol- we strive to achieve balance in our practice. Lord Ganesh, who appears in the form of an elephant, is the God of wisdom- we strive to help our students practise intelligently and safely. Lord Ganesh is also a child and wears his broken tusk proudly- we strive to stay creative and curious with child-like innocence and purity, yet acknowledge and embrace our differences.

Come share your yoga journey with us. May all be healthy and happy.


Learn the art and science of yoga with heart and wisdom

Our Mission

To share the art and science of yoga with heart and wisdom.

Our Vision

To create a nurturing and inspiring space for the development of balanced individuals.

Our Motto


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