Scheduling Your Health

I’ve got no time to do class. I’ve got no time to do things I like. I’ve got no time for leisure!! I don’t even have time to eat!

Does this sound like you? Don’t feel guilty, a lot of us are like that. But what if having no time to exercise means compromising our health? We are spending huge amounts of time to earn more and more money. Yet what if the money we are earning now for retirement ended up being used for medications and health treatments that could have been PREVENTED? When we are older and stiffer, with weaker bodies and underlying conditions, would we then think, if only we had used that time for our HEALTH when we felt fine?

1. Put health and exercise into your schedule.
We schedule important meetings and put deadlines on tasks. What if we were to prioritize our health similarly if not higher? Instead of waiting for a random open slot in our schedules, put that yoga class or other exercise activity into your schedule when it is still empty, and don’t take it out unless there is really an emergency.

2. Make a list of your priorities.
We all hold different things close to heart. However are we actually DOING what we keep in our MIND? Make a list so that you can SEE what you have in MIND. We might say we put family before work, but when there is a family dinner, are we able to say NO to work? When we say we prioritize OURSELVES and HEALTH, are we able to say NO to everything else that is of lower priority? Your priority list is yours to keep, it can stay your secret, but whether you materialize your priority list is also YOUR decision.

3. Strike a balance with a pie chart.
Of course, life isn’t as straightforward as a list of priorities. We need to work. We need to say no to our kids sometimes when they just want our attention at any time. We need to say no to some family meetings when it is the 10th session in 2 months. Hence this is where balance comes in. Make a pie chart of the time spent on your various activities and see how they balance up.

So try out the methods above and see if you gain more control over your life. If you find that you are still overwhelmed, perhaps it is time to say NO to certain things and choose what is really important for you. When we’ve got too many things on our plate, trying to finish everything might just lead to indigestion – not a nice feeling. Sometimes, quality is better than quantity! Ask yourself, what activities actually add REAL VALUE to your life?

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