When Should We Avoid Doing Yoga Asanas? (Part 2)

  1. Not sleeping enough
    Not having enough rest can prevent your mind from performing at it’s optimal level. This can have dangerous implications especially if you are doing a more advanced practice, as your body is not in your mind’s full control. However some people suffer from insomnia and find that moderate levels of yoga practice helps them sleep better at night. So as long as you can ensure safety during your yoga practice, sure, come for class (unless you slept late and overslept)!
  2. Intoxicated
    We have had students coming for class intoxicated before, that’s why this is here. But you might have heard of drunken fist and beer yoga. In such practices, the class is tailored to drunken students. However we do not have beer yoga at our studio so please do not come for practice when you are drunk, as we can’t ensure your safety if you don’t have sufficient control over your mind and movements.
  1. Chronic illnesses
    This has a wide scope as we know there are hundreds of chronic illnesses that exist and of differing severities. Always consult your doctor (one who knows their expertise well and not one who just wants you to continue being medicated without actually solving the root of the problem). That being said, our group classes are targeted at the general public and thus still suitable for those with mild chronic illnesses that are under control. For more severe stages of chronic illnesses, private one-on-one classes would be more suitable as the session would be tailored to your specific needs. The instructor would be better able to avoid poses and exercises that aren’t suitable for you. However you are still expected to always listen to your body and pull the breaks when your body tells you so.
  1. Injuries
    This is a common issue that almost ALL of us face in varying levels of severity. We might have had some old injuries or age-related wear-and-tear. Some are acute, some are chronic. First of all, please consult your doctor in order to get an accurate diagnosis and to check if gentle yoga is suitable. Always listen to your body. Pain that doesn’t feel good is an indicator that your body is trying to tell you to stop. Even though our instructors offer pose variations in group classes, you will need some experience knowing which variation is more suitable for you. Thus private one-on-one classes would be more suitable if you are a beginner. Once you’ve learnt more about yourselves and how to modify poses according to your condition and body type, you may explore the group classes.

    Read Part 1 here.


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