When Should We Avoid Doing Yoga Asanas? (Part 1)

  1. During our period
    There is some risk of endometriosis if we do inversions during our period. However we can modify or avoid such poses in order to maintain consistency in our practice. If you experience cramps that interfere with your practice, it might be a good idea to check with a physician on how to bring your body back into balance such that the pain can be reduced.

  2. Pregnancy
    The first 3 months (first trimester) of pregnancy are the most crucial thus please seek advice from your gynecologist if you are able to do some exercise or yoga. Some women who are at risk of miscarriage are advised to take bed rest. Gentle yoga is appropriate for the later stages of pregnancy and can even relieve some of the tightness, aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. Simple inversions are also adequate to relieve pressure from the pelvic floor. Hip opening exercises done around the time of your due date may also help to bring about labour. Unfortunately our studio is currently not able to take in pregnant students as group classes are generally not modified to accommodate pregnant women thus we cannot ensure your safety. If you decide to attend our classes, please do so at your own risk.

  3. Post-natal
    Women desire to lose the pregnancy weight and water retention gained during pregnancy. We advise that you only start at least 6 weeks post-partum (or 2 months post-caesarean) as your body would have recovered sufficiently only by then. You might experience pain and weakness at the start of your practice, thus start off slow and build up gradually so as to prevent injuries and also disruption to your milk supply. We currently only provide one-on-one private sessions for post-natal women.

  4. After food
    Traditionally, yoga has to be practised on an empty stomach. However an intense practice may result in weakness, dizziness and fainting. On the contrary, yoga done on a full belly may result in regurgitation and abdominal discomfort. Thus we advise that you have your meal roughly 2 hours before your practice. If class is just before meal times, make sure you are able to withstand the intensity of the particular class should you be coming on an empty stomach, or take a light snack such as a cereal bar or some fruits prior to the session.


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