Healthier treats: The Clean Addicts Dark Chocolate Mochi Muffins

Even though we are a yoga studio, we also strive to help our students lead healthier lifestyles. Many people equate health to boring and difficult diets and strict exercise regimes. What if I told you that is not always the case? For us, we believe that health can be achieved easily and deliciously. You just need to know the right way of doing so (and it doesn’t involve counting calories!)

One major method is to find substitutes. These substitutes need to be sustainable, meaning that you don’t just consume them when you are on diet. It is meant to replace part of your original lifestyle. For example, instead of drinking hormone-laden milk, you can switch to soymilk or oat milk. The soymilk or oat milk has to be tasty too – no point switching to something you don’t like. And there are so many different brands on the market that taste different, so take your time to choose a few of your go-to substitutes.

What about cake? Traditional cakes are one of the most unhealthy and fattening goodies you can get out there. If you have ever baked before, you know the amount of oil and sugar that is added to the batter. That is why it is very important and useful to find a good substitute for cake. As you can read from the title of this post, the cake substitute we are recommending today is The Clean Addicts‘ Dark Chocolate Mochi Muffin (they have it in cake form as well).

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Instead of standard flour and sugar, which are highly processed and cause sharper insulin spikes (bad for pre-diabetics and diabetics especially), they use oats and unprocessed sugar. The less processed the ingredients, the better for our health since it takes longer to digest and absorb, preventing the unwanted insulin spikes. There is also no egg, butter or milk, which contain saturated fat that messes up our fat metabolism, in turn resulting in high cholesterol. Reduced intake of such unwanted fats and processed sugars also reduce the inflammation in our bodies.

Furthermore, these home-based businesses make their food fresh, which means no artificial preservatives and colourings that are commonly found in store-bought cakes. (Yes, colouring is used to preserve foods too since it tricks the consumer into thinking the food is still good to eat.) If we can eliminate these unwanted additives (aka chemicals) from our diets, our bodies don’t have to work so hard to purge these toxins, and can instead focus its energy on repairing and renewing our cells.

So try these muffins. It’s a little on the pricier side, but it’s an investment for your health. It’s also pricier because unprocessed foods can’t stay on shelves for long and thus cost more. They are also handmade instead of factory-made, which includes an additional ingredient – love, which makes them all the more tastier. They’re also great as a gift to your loved ones!

For online orders, you may use our promo code for 10% off: ELEAC10

Do note that The Clean Addicts has even healthier (and really beautiful) cakes. But we find the dark chocolate mochi cakes the best balance of taste and healthfulness.


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