New Yin & Yang Yoga Class on Tuesday Evenings

Most of us may be familiar with traditional Indian yoga, however due to the increased prevalence of injuries obtained during yoga asana classes, there has been an increase in demand for these Yin-type yoga classes. But what exactly is Yin-type yoga? Read on to find out.

Yin and Yang are part of ancient Chinese philosophy. Due to the geographical proximity between India and China, many philosophies and cultures in India are similar to those found in China, allowing for their integration. Hence the concept of Yin and Yang are similar to that of Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra) in Yoga. Sun or Yang has characteristics of brightness, being active and energetic, moving outwards, creating heat etc. Whereas Moon or Yin is the opposite, having characteristics of darkness, being still and passive, coming inwards, coolness etc. Yin and Yang are both important, and the lack (or excess) of either leads to an imbalance of the system.

Applying these concepts to the yoga practice, an Yin-type yoga class usually requires students to hold poses in relaxation for extended periods of time, relying on the force of gravity to deepen the stretch, and focusing on the internal sensations of the body. Thus Yin-type yoga classes help to lengthen the ligaments, calm the body down and achieve mental stability. It is generally more suitable for people who lead a high-tension or high-stress lifestyle. People who do a lot of active exercises (also categorized as Yang-type activities), such as running, Zumba and weight-lifting, can also balance their lifestyle with these Yin-type yoga practices. Another group of people who generally benefit from Yin-type yoga are those who are recovering from injuries, as it allows them to maintain their practice without further exacerbating their injuries.

Our Yin & Yang yoga class is a mixture of active and passive poses, allowing one to strike a balance in their yoga practice. It is suitable for beginners as it is less strenuous compared to a full 1-hour Yang-type yoga class (our other yoga classes can be considered Yang-type yoga classes). There will also be some focus on the unblocking of meridians to achieve better health, which is a concept from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn more about the history of Yin yoga here.

Come join our Yin & Yang yoga class now, conducted every Tuesday evening @8pm!


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