Online vs Studio

Is it really a case of one being better than the other?

This isn’t your regular pros and cons of online vs studio classes.

Covid-19 saw the rise of many online fitness classes, and that included yoga of course. Till today, online yoga classes continue to be a thing. We’ve heard many people say “Oh we don’t have to go to a studio because we can just do yoga online.” And to that we say, to each their own. Some individuals can learn even more with the Internet (yes we love the Internet too) as compared to studio classes. Why? Because with $0 you could play and rewind the video a dozen times to really understand how to do a pose.

And you know what? You can totally do both! Do online, do offline, get knowledge from everywhere. You are your best teacher, you know what is best for YOU. We are just here to provide guidance if you seek it, to give you a little nudge in the right direction, or a push if we feel you can take it.

Taking classes in person means we are building a relationship with you. It becomes a two-way street. To us, teachers are like parents. Imagine you spent so much effort, time and money to raise your child, and your child leaves and forgets you when they come of age. We as teachers feel the same way when students come for some time and eventually give up. Thus the money you invest (which encompasses the time and energy you spent working to earn that money, and the opportunity cost of not spending on something else like your favourite food) helps you commit to your practice, because most people do not want to waste their effort and money. Your sustained practice makes you improve and grow over time, and our teachers feel their efforts are worth it. A win-win situation.

Not to forget the most notorious of all, the adjustments. Self practice at home can mean more danger especially if you do not have the foundational techniques and correct alignment. No one is there to correct you, you have to be self-aware. But this doesn’t mean studio classes are safer either. When a class gets too big, some students inevitably become neglected. When teachers are overworked, the risk of mistakes and accidents increase. A push too hard and a bone breaks or a ligament tears. Short of a support or a spot and someone falls. Thus we make it a point to keep our classes small and focus more on health rather than pushing ourselves overboard. Too many times have we seen practitioners suffer from irreversible injuries. When did yoga become the Olympics?! Thus we focus on sustained safe practice, where we strive to help students prolong their practice till the age of 80 or even 100. We need more Teresa Hsus!

Do note that even with the greatest care, accidents still happen. But with a low student-to-teacher ratio we minimize that risk as much as possible.


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One thought on “Online vs Studio

  1. I do both online and offline yoga. I love it that you presented a fair and unbiased article. I see the benefits of both but personally I really love practising at the studio. But offline is convenient and I use it to supplement my practice especially if it is with a teacher who is not physically in Singapore.


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