Why do Yoga?

I can dance, play sports, lift weights, do martial arts and gymnastics, so why should I do Yoga?

It’s great if you do all of the above, and you can definitely add yoga to your lifestyle. What’s different about yoga is that it not only builds strength and flexibility over time, but also improves internal health if practised in the right way. There are dance teachers and martial arts teachers who incorporate yoga into their training! Some of the yoga poses help to massage the internal organs, improving their circulation and function. It works on alignment which helps to prevent injuries (a bit like ballet) and yet maintains a balance of both strength and flexibility. Yoga is about balance; balance between the internal and external, balance between strength and flexibility, balance between reaching our body limits and health, balance between mind and body.

But what if I don’t do any sports, I don’t have any dance background? What if I don’t exercise at all and just sit at the work desk all day? What if I have joint pain like frozen shoulder or osteoarthritis?

Then all the more you should practice yoga! I have a friend who has a cyst in her knee because she suffers from rather bad rheumatoid arthritis. Just a simple yoga stretch every day helped reduce the pain and tightness (in fact there is no pain now), allowing her to skip her knee procedure at the doctor’s clinic. Amazing, that’s why we want to share yoga with all of you! What you can do is choose gentler classes that are more suitable for your body, such as Yin yoga, pranayam classes, yoga stretch and Hatha B.

But I have no time for yoga…

One way to overcome this is to put yoga into your schedule, instead of only going for yoga classes when you have time. It’s true that Singapore’s pace of life is rather fast. Work already takes up most of our waking hours, and some of us have (fur)kids to care for, plants to water and elderly parents to spend time with. There are just too many things to do and too few hours in a day. But what yoga does is to improve stamina and strength, give you better control of your mind and improve your sleep quality. All these increase productivity and you may realise that you complete your work faster without compromising on quality. It might take some time for the engine to start, but once you get into routine you will realise the benefits yoga has on your life.

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