Elemit Yoga is rated Top 3 in Bishan

This came as a pleasant surprise to us! We always thought we had to approach review companies in order to appear on review websites but here we are: https://threebestrated.sg/yoga-studios-in-bishan

Of course, we could not have done it without the support of all our Elemit fans! Shout out to our pioneer students who have supported us from the beginning and given us so many encouraging and helpful reviews. We hope our services have improved your lifestyle, physical and mental wellbeing.

To our new students, we welcome you to our family and hope that you will be able to grow and develop your talents with us.

In the upcoming months, we hope to continue improving our teaching in terms of methodology and creativity, and also improve upon our practice environment. It will take some time and detailed planning, but I hope all of you will persevere along with us and reap the fruits of labour together.

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