Why we don’t offer unlimited classes

We all love low prices, and we think the more classes we take, the faster we will improve. But is that always true? At Elemit Yoga, we believe in giving our 200% in every class, instead of 20% in 10 classes. We believe in maximizing your efforts. Some of our students tell us they have been practising yoga for 10 years but never felt the same improvements they felt with us, and we believe what our students tell us.

We believe in paying our teachers for their efforts.  As the old Chinese saying goes, “one minute of performance on stage, ten years of hard work off stage”. It takes years of practice, observation and knowledge just to bring you one good class, a class that not only pushes you to greater heights but also prevents injuries and promotes health.

When you pay more for a class, you value the class more because it is your hard-earned money. You are less likely to skip it, you are less likely to be late, you are less likely to slack off. Your progress doesn’t only depend on us, but on yourself as well. We give our 100%, and you give your 100%. That’s how it becomes 200%, and that’s our formula for success.


Learn the art and science of yoga with heart and wisdom

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